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Mission Statement

25 Million Kids Need You, So Get Involved Today!

Consistent with the stated objectives of the KidSight USA Foundation in the effort to safeguard children’s vision, our principal target population would be children six months to 6 years of age, but as necessary photo-screen children up to grade 12.  To achieve our goal of the gift of clear vision for our children, the Board of Directors of District 2-S3 Charities shall establish Policies and Procedures that will engage and empower the District's Clubs. The Board will: 1) identify Custodial Clubs, provide supplemental funding for the purchase and eventual replacement of an adequate number of photo-screening devices; 2) provide insurance coverage, warranty renewal, software upgrades, and printing supplies for each device; 3) establish a curriculum for the training of photo-screeners; 4) devise a method of scheduling for sharing of devices and the reporting of results; and 5) extend visual screening events beyond the Custodial Clubs, thus encouraging all clubs of the District to be involved so that we may serve all the children in the District. The impact of our efforts will be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitatively by the number of children screened and the number referred for further testing, and qualitatively by the feedback from parent's and teacher's relevant to behavior and academic performance in school.

Vision Statement


It is our collective hope that the Lions of District 2-S3, through their efforts in visual photo-screening, will eliminate the problematic consequences of amblyopia, and that all children in the District will receive the gift of clear vision.



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